Greasy Beaks   Oregon Coast & Massachusetts   541-868-6356

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    Greasy Beaks is a full service flyfishing and light tackle charter business serving the North Shore and coastal New England as well as the Oregon Coast. We run trips for striped bass, bluefish and the notorious false albacore in the summer months & Guide for winter Steelhead and Salmon in the Pacific North West.  Greasy Beaks is owned and operated by Captain Eliot Jenkins, who is USCG certified and has put in more than fifteen years of chasing fish from Bristol Bay to Key West and beyond..
    Greasy Beaks is Orvis endorsed and uses top of the line gear to provide anglers with the best experience possible.  We use Hatch reels, GLoomis and Orvis rods, and Scientific Angler fly lines.  We also sport Simms apparel and waders.
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